Current projects

Building Enterprises – Wireless and Internet Security in European Regions (Be Wiser) examines the organisation and technical research challenges in some of Europe’s best known RTD regions.

The technology focus is on wireless Internet security, while the organisational challenge is to more effectively utilise Triple Helix clusters in regional innovation processes. This approach will strengthen Europe’s position in wireless rollout and address the challenges set out in the Digital Agenda.

Partners from 7 clusters in 7 European regions, including:

• Five regional Triple Helix clusters:

• Systematic Paris Region, the Paris Region (France) ICT Triple Helix cluster

• Northern Ireland (UK) ICT cluster, represented by:

• Momentum (cluster)

• Queens University of Belfast (higher education organisation)

• Invest Northern Ireland (public authority)

• Cork (Ireland) ICT cluster, represented by:

• IT@Cork (cluster)

• Cork Institute of Technology (higher education organisation)

• South West Regional Authority (public authority)

• CyberForum, the Baden-Württemberg (Germany) ICT Triple Helix cluster

• Barcelona Digital, the Catalonia (Spain) ICT Triple Helix cluster

• Two regional Triple Helix clusters where mentoring will be a priority:

• ICT Technology Network, the Slovenian ICT Triple Helix cluster

• Cyprus Computer Society, the Cyprus ICT Triple Helix cluster[1]

• inno, a research and consulting company member of Systematic Paris

Link to project web site:


The open communication platform enabling Internet of Things applications


  • ICT Technology Network Institute
  • Alpineon d.o.o.
  • Cosylab d.d.
  • Globtel d.o.o.
  • Inova IT d.o.o.
  • Jožef Stefan Institute
  • Špica International d.o.o.
  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science

Total project value: 8,5M €


Innovation business center for ICT Industry


  • Iskratel, d.o.o., Kranj
  • Borea d.o.o.
  • Ljubljana Technology Park
  • Sintesio
  • ICT Technology Network Institute

Total project value: 44,7M €


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