PPI2Innovate - Transnational project 03.11.16

Public procurement of innovative solutions (PPI) is a powerful tool to boost innovation. The public sector demands innovative solutions that are not yet available or not at large scale on the market and thus forces providers to innovate.


PPI is well supported on the European level (i.e. Horizon 2020) there exist also various guidance and training tools already for few years. So far, they did not boost the PPI usage in the majority of central European regions because available tools are not customized to national frameworks and regional knowledge hubs are missing.


PPI2Innovate targets directly public procurers on all administrative levels in central Europe with the aim to build regional capacities in PPI, to change attitude towards PPI, to strengthen linkages among relevant stakeholders in regional innovation systems and finally to boost usage of PPI.


The project will achieve this change by delivering innovative outputs such as three thematic PPI2Innovate tools for smart health, energy and ICT fully customized to six national institutional frameworks and translated. In addition, the project will create six regional competence centers for PPI and their central European network as well as six action plans to implement eight PPI projects in each region. Four PPI pilots will strengthen linkages to apply a trans-regional “learning by doing approach” and to show success stories in four regions.


Project partners:

LP - Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd., Hungary

PP2 - DEX Innovation Centre, Czech Republic

PP3 - Municipality of Lublin, Poland

PP4 - University of Turin, Italy

PP5 - Piemonte Region, Italy

PP6 - ICT Technology Network Institute, Slovenia

PP7 - Ministry of Public Administration, Slovenia

PP8 - Somogy County Government, Hungary

PP9 - Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments, Croatia

PP10 - Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, Poland


Total project value: 1, 66 M €


Link to project web site:

http://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/PPI2Innovate.html#About PPI2Innovate



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