Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

FAQ1: What is technology network?

Technology network is a new form of connecting individual companies, research institutions and state agencies. It is one of the most important elements of the mid-term programme of development and research in Slovenia. The need to co-operate arises as a result of great fragmentation in the field of research as well as organisational stiffness in Slovenia. At the same time the demand for greater specialisation and concentration of research teams, institutions and companies is noted.

FAQ2: What is the difference between "ICT Technology Network" and "ICT Technology Network Consortium"?

The network was formed in 2003 on the basis of a joint “Letter of Agreement” and a consensus on strategic orientation of activities for the 2004-2008 project period. To ensure long-term co-operation among network members and to formalise the agreement on common activities and joint projects, the Technology Network members established a consortium in 2005 and signed the consortium contract.

FAQ3: What is the number of members of ICT Technology Network?

Presently the network has 45 members, of which 18 founders.

FAQ4: Are there any other ways of uniting companies?

Yes, there are clusters, interest groups, associations of clusters and consortiums of technology networks.

FAQ5: What is “TMS”?

TMS stands for Technology Networks of Slovenia and is a consortium of four different technology networks (TM ICT, TM IPMT, TM BF, TM TVP).

FAQ6: Why was TMS established?

Each technology network is stimulating knowledge and development expansion in its own field. TMS combines these different fields and represents a transverse view on different fields of individual networks. With the establishment of TMS Slovenia has gained a potential for the realisation of break-through projects and products with higher added value.


FAQ7: When were ICT Technology Network and ICT Technology Network Consortium established?

The network was established in April 2003 and the consortium in June 2005.


FAQ8: How can new members join the ICT Technology Network Consortium?


New members must meet the following criteria:

  • recommendation by at least one of present members
  • submission of a written application
  • approval for membership by the Project Council.


FAQ9: What is the organisation structure of ICT Technology Network Consortium?


The consortium comprises the Assembly, the Project Council and the Executive Manager.


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