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"On the global market, Slovenian ICT industry is faced with much bigger competitors. Its success depends on knowledge, innovation, courage and partnership connections. TN ICT represents all that." 
Tomi Ilijaš, direktor, ARCTUR d.o.o.
"Globtel is relatively new member of TM ICT. We have many years of experience in telecommunication and RF part, specially in research, development and manufacturing. Because of this facts we know that TM ICT can benefit from our knowledge."
Andrej Jarc, Globtel d.o.o.
"Cooperation of IAM in ICT network means that we are in the company of the most advanced companies in Slovenia, in an environment which offers a lot of contacts, knowledge, challenges and opportunities and, at the same time, it creates jobs for our graduates."
dr. Srečko Zakrajšek, direktor, IAM
"Network is the basis for the realizations of ideas." Tomaž Černe, direktor, Inoverzum d.o.o.
“As a member of Telekom Austria Group and a partner of Vodafon, Si.mobil co-operates actively with a large number of local, transnational and global companies on a number of technologically advanced projects. Being the founding member of the Network, which was subsequently transformed into the Institute, it is our aim to establish closer connections with the technologically advanced Slovenian companies and to contribute actively to the penetration of our knowledge into the international markets.“ Gregor Kastelic, Si.mobil d.d.

"Technology Network ICT has proven to be a proactive integrating environment in which corporate, academic and research institutes partners perform and plan multiple R&D projects. Performance of such projects is of crucial importance to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It enables in-depth understanding of the industry environments technological challenges, closer connections to the market and last but not least, realizing and understanding the economy sector’s needs for new knowledge and advanced technologies. Experiences gained from industry oriented projects are successfully transferred to our educational programs and students."
prof. dr. Janez Nastran, dekan, UL FE



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The main advantages of membership in the ICT Technology Network are: establishing connections between companies and research institutions, gaining international connections and co-operation in joint projects...

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